La mejora de la competencia traductora de los estudiantes francófonos a través de las asignaturas de traducción francés-español


competencia traductora
error de traducción
detección de necesidades
recursos metodológicos
estudiantes erasmus francófonos
translation competence
translation error
detection of needs
teaching tools
French-speaking incoming students

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Lobato Patricio, J. (2019). La mejora de la competencia traductora de los estudiantes francófonos a través de las asignaturas de traducción francés-español. Ibérica, (38), 303–326. Retrieved from


The main purpose of the Ba in Translation and Interpreting is, or should be, the acquisition of “translation competence”. This concept has been particularly significant in the field of Translation Teaching, which has been the object of many studies (Toury, 1984; Pym, 1992; Campbell, 1998; etc.) and of three models of classification/homogenization (Roiss, 2006): Kelly, 2002; Hurtado 1999; and the PaCTE research group, PaCTE 2001. French-speaking incoming students who register in French Translation courses at the University Pablo de Olavide generally show a lesser degree of acquisition of translation competence than the local students. This sometimes causes frustration because little or no translation competence prevents them from succeeding in these courses. In order to mitigate this situation, a research project supported by the Spanish ministry of Education was carried out. The main goal of this project was to improve the translation competence of French-speaking incoming students through translation courses. This paper briefly defines the notions of translation competence and “translation error”, reports the outcome of the aforementioned project, and goes on to analyse the linguistic and translation needs of such students, following the studies of agbodoyetin (2011), Nginios (2013) and agudelo (2016). Finally, some teaching tools designed to overcome these needs and develop translation competence are explained, in the vein of some authors from the field of Specialized Translation, such as Delgado & Barceló (2011)

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