A multimodal approach to business presentations for the tourism industry


business communication
tourism industry
business presentations
comunicación comercial
industria turística
presentaciones comerciales

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Successful communication is based on language, although most messages are delivered through a large number of modes apart from words in order to implement meaning. This is paramount in the business world, as messages have to be clear and simple, so that customers from all over the world can get all the information they might need. In our study, we analyse 28 presentations in which students have to persuade a group of North American business executives to use a hotel as a possible destination for wealthy foreigners visiting Spain. In this simulation, these executives organise trips to Barcelona, and they look for a 5- star hotel to stay in. To prepare the presentation, students have a whole week to gather information, and then 8/10 minutes to deliver the presentation. Five elements are analysed to study the type of multimodal resources used by students to perform these presentations. These are: a) gaze; b) gestures; c) movements; d) intonation, pace and rhythm; and e) visuals. Some pedagogical remarks will be suggested

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