Metaphern in Zeiten der Wirtschaftskrise
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Kontrastive Linguistik
contrastive linguistics
translation theory
language of economics
theory of metaphors.

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Mateo Gallego, C., & Ruiz Yepes, G. (2018). Metaphern in Zeiten der Wirtschaftskrise: Eine Studie über die Übersetzung der Jahresberichte des Internationalen Währungsfonds . Ibérica, (36), 69–92. Retrieved from


The reports of official economic institutions were especially relevant for society during the world economic crisis because they conveyed reliable information about the financial situation. These reports were written in English and contained metaphors that must be translated into several languages. This paper investigates the typology of metaphors in economic reports and the need to optimize the current translation strategies. For this, a parallel corpus composed by texts from the IMF will be used to compare the English source language text with their translations into Spanish and German
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