Culture and identity on intercultural business requests


persuasive writing
cultural impact
identity construction
Hong Kong
escritura persuasiva
impacto cultural
construcción de la identidad

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Du Babcock, B., & Feng, H. (2018). Culture and identity on intercultural business requests: A genre-based comparative study . Ibérica, (35), 171–200. Retrieved from


Situated in an intercultural communication setting, this study explores the impact of the writer’s and the receiver’s national cultures and the writer’s professional identity on the move structures of persuasive email requests. The paper particularly compared persuasive email requests written by Hong Kong Chinese and Japanese university students. For triangulation, the pre-writing group discussions and post-writing reflective essays produced by the same groups of students were also analyzed. By employing the genre analysis framework developed by Bhatia and Swales, we identified eight structural moves in email messages and observed similarities and differences in the use of these moves across the two corpora. The findings suggest that culture and identity construction interactively play important roles in affecting the students’ use of persuasive strategie

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