Buildings that move


motion metaphors
form is motion
image metaphor
embodied architecture
metáforas de movimiento
metáfora de imagen
arquitectura corpórea

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Caballero Rodríguez, M. R. (2017). Buildings that move: Motion metaphors in architectural reviews . Ibérica, (34), 89–110. Retrieved from


In this paper, I explore the ways in which built space is described by means of motion metaphors in one of the prototypical genres of architectural communication, namely, the architectural review. I describe motion metaphors as meeting two main needs. In the first place, buildings described as “hunkering down”, “easing into”, or “heaving up” their sites instantiate visual or image metaphors whereby particular layouts or appearances (the metaphorical targets) are seen as reminiscent of the kind of movement encapsulated in the verbs (the metaphorical sources). Motion metaphors also help reviewers organize their commentary in the review genre, which is often done as if it were a virtual tour inside the building at issue. In turn, this contributes to recreating in textual form how people “feel” buildings while interacting with and inside them, i.e. a more holistic experience. This use of motion metaphors is congruent with contemporary architects’ and reviewers’ enactive – embodied – approach to architectural space

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