Adaptación del léxico del inglés a las necesidades de los estudiantes
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vocabulario académico
enseñanza del léxico
aprendizaje léxico
academic vocabulary
vocabulary teaching
lexical learning

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Sánchez Manzano, M. J., & Fernández-Sánchez, A. (2016). Adaptación del léxico del inglés a las necesidades de los estudiantes. Ibérica, (32), 133–152. Retrieved from


The aim of this article is to identify the academic (NAWL, http://www., Bauman y Culligan, 1995) and most frequent words (NGSL, that our students do not know; vocabulary which is considered fundamental at our students’ linguistic stage (B2 level, Marco común europeo de referencia para las lenguas: Aprendizaje, enseñanza, evaluación, 2002). The task was carried out through a familiarity questionnaire (Likert scale of 1-5). We also wanted to check how well the lexicon was represented in the textbook used by our students (Haines & Stewart, 2008) and, therefore, this material was submitted to a program that provides information about the type of words and quantifies it (Vocabprofile, This knowledge allows the teacher to focus on a specific vocabulary and carry out different activities within the classroom for a greater exposure, which is essential for learning (Horst, Cobb & Meara, 1998; Waring & Takaki, 2003; Webb, 2007). Meanwhile it allows the implementation of the textbook with academic texts, which is where major deficiencies were detected. The results of this research will benefit the students, due to the knowledge that the teacher acquires about the specific vocabulary to be developed, the appropriate activities, and the necessity of providing different contexts where the terms to be learned appear; especially those in which academic and scientific language is produced
PDF (Español (España))

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