Innovations in structuring article introductions


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rhetorical structure

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Lin, L. (2014). Innovations in structuring article introductions: The case of Applied Linguistics . Ibérica, (28), 129–154. Retrieved from


This study explores the rhetorical structure of introductions that are followed by an independent Literature Review (L) section. It is motivated by an increasing use or even the prevalent use of both the introduction and L sections in the opening phase of empirical research articles in many disciplines and the lack of systematic genre-based investigation of introductions with a following L section. Based on a detailed examination of 30 introductions with a subsequent L section in Applied Linguistics, this study found that they generally can be classified into two categories according to their communicative functions and structures. They are the traditional CARS type that largely follows the classic "Create a Research Space" (CARS) model and the innovative Two-move Orientation type. Some featured elements used in the introductions with a subsequent L are identified and the "Two-move Orientation" approach is formulated for the rhetorical structure of this new type of introductions. The interesting links between introduction and L are also suggested. The study contributes to our understanding of the structure and function of this important part-genre in a new generic context (that is, introductions being followed by an independent L section) and illuminates the current genre-based teaching of introduction writing

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