Investigating communication and professional communities at international events


intercultural and international business communication
business discourse
professional communication
community of practice
industry events.
comunicación intercultural e internacional en los negocios
discurso empresarial
comunicación profesional
comunidad de práctica
encuentros empresariales.

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This article reports on a research project investigating communication at several international events held in Italy and focusing on grapes and wine. It also incorporates subsequent research and presents the project as a case to illustrate the way different notions of community were considered during the research process and to examine contextual factors such as relationships, roles and level of expertise of interactants. The article draws on a series of studies to provide a richer picture of the complexity of relations characterizing communicative events in international professional contexts, especially when expertise, knowledge sharing and knowledge creation come increasingly into play. It also gives attention to how project outcomes led to new research and data collection, course development and further interdisciplinary collaboration.

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