Semantic neology in the domain of videogames in Spanish


sense neologism
computer terms
videogame terminology
domain-specialized corpus
neologismo semántico
términos informáticos
terminología de videojuegos
corpus especializado

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Álvarez de Mon y Rego, I., & Álvarez-Bolado Sánchez, C. (2013). Semantic neology in the domain of videogames in Spanish. Ibérica, (25), 63–84. Retrieved from


The aim of this paper is to discuss the meaning of five neologisms in the domain of videogames in Spanish: título, aventura, personaje, plataforma, and rol. Our study focuses on a special type of neologism since the Spanish terms we deal with here are not strictly new words; they are what have been called sense neologisms or neosemanticisms, that is, old words taking a new sense in a different domain. These words were identified as new concepts after a process of analysis based on contextual evidence. This study of neology is based on the analysis of a corpus of press articles evaluating videogames published by the Spanish newspaper El País from 1998 to 2008. The analysis of the instances of use of domain specific terms in the corpus revealed that they acquired new senses different to those they have in other domains where they are also used. The paper explains the process of discovering the specialized meaning these words have developed in the domain of videogames and how the analysis of collocational behavior helps in the process of discovering the new sense and in the design of the definition provided.

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