Deep into the discourse of the Spanish crisis


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financial language
falso préstamo
lenguaje económico

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Orts Llopis, M. A., & Almela Sánchez-Lafuente, Ángela. (2012). Deep into the discourse of the Spanish crisis: the deployment of English lexical incorporations to translate the untranslatable . Ibérica, (23), 89–108. Retrieved from


The Spanish economic boom over the last decade, and its subsequent swift progress to economic meltdown within the context of the Global Systemic Crisis, has popularized the deployment of an array of loanwords from English as the lingua franca of Economics. Incorporations in various shapes and forms are borrowed by the national think-tanks and the media to portray the widespread gloom and the severe wobbles in Spain�s market. Through the analysis of an ad hoc 800,000-word corpus from economic news-items in specialised, semi-specialised and informative digital periodicals, the aid of a number of financial bilingual glossaries intended for the specialised Spanishspeaking community, and the exploitation of a specific taxonomy on linguistic incorporations - deployed in our previous study on the subject (Orts & Almela, 2009) - we have developed a system of lexical selection that reunites, analyzes and explains a representative group of real data. In doing so, our present study delves into the lexicon of the financial mayhem, in the attempt to enlighten and facilitate the translator�s task when dealing with the plethora of English loans in the Spanish economic discourse, and the way in which these are tackled by standardized sources.

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