Intercultural language learning


intercultural competence
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Clouet, R. (2008). Intercultural language learning: cultural mediation within the curriculum of Translation and Interpreting studies. Ibérica, (16), 147–168. Retrieved from


This paper addresses the interrelationship of languages and cultures in the process of learning/teaching English in Translation Faculties in Spain. The fact that languages cannot be separated from their social and cultural contexts of use is widely recognised nowadays. In addition, for the last decade, intercultural language learning has been highlighted as a main objective of language acquisition, the term �intercultural� implying a back-and-forth movement across languages and cultures, a development of an understanding of one�s own language and culture in relation to a second one. Building on a comprehensive review of the literature in the field of culture in language teaching, intercultural competence, and intercultural learning and teaching, the present paper aims at providing a framework for designing a curriculum for intercultural language learning and cultural mediation in Translation Faculties in Spain

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