Le FOS: une évaluation des ressources pédagogiques en ligne
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ressources pédagogiques en ligne
français sur objectifs spécifiques (FOS)
français des affaires
français du tourisme
e-learning resources
French for Specific Purposes (FSP)
French for business
French for tourism

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Rodríguez Pedreira, N., & Valcárcel Riveiro, C. (2007). Le FOS: une évaluation des ressources pédagogiques en ligne. Ibérica, (13), 109–121. Retrieved from https://www.revistaiberica.org/index.php/iberica/article/view/426


Given the increasing importance of distance learning and therefore of the need for methods, tools and activities designed for self-learning, this paper proposes to make an evaluation of the existing resources available on the Internet for online learners. As interactive and multimedia content for FFL (French as a Foreign Language) is considerable, the analysis focuses on FSP (French for Specific Purposes), and particularly on French for business and tourism. The goal of this paper is to complete work done previously on the evaluation of websites devoted to FSP, by applying new criteria for an optimal use of online resources. The results of this research point out that a good combination of learning content available on the Net might be a profitable option for learners of business French, while e-learning tools for French used in the tourism area remain insufficient.
PDF (Français (France))

Copyright (c) 2007 Nuria Rodríguez Pedreira, Carlos Valcárcel Riveiro

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