Metaphor and ESP


cognitive semantics
English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
Business English
semántica cognitiva
Inglés Empresarial

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Velasco Sacristán, M. S. (2005). Metaphor and ESP: metaphor as a useful device for teaching L2 Business English learners . Ibérica, (10), 115–131. Retrieved from


Metaphor, as a widespread feature of everyday thought and language, represents a central issue for both L2 ESP instructors and learners. In this paper we argue for the idea that including metaphor in a specific English language programme can provide students with a useful device to raise awareness of key concepts, models and issues and to improve their reading and translating skills. We put forward different exercises taken from an example of L2 ESP programme, the optional course 'Business English I', currently taught at the University of Valladolid (Spain). These exercises can prove revealing, telling us that metaphor has a useful function in teaching L2 ESP students effectively, thus leading us to conclude that metaphor should be included as part of any L2 ESP programme and, probably, as part of any foreign-language learning process

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