An analysis on EAP learners' pragmatic production


interlanguage pragmatics
development of pragmatic competence
request strategies
English as a foreign language
pragmática de la interlengua
el desarrollo de la competencia pragmática
estrategias de petición
inglés como lengua extranjera

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Safont Jordà, M. P. (2004). An analysis on EAP learners’ pragmatic production: a focus on request forms. Ibérica, (8), 23–39. Retrieved from


The present study focuses on the effect of instruction in the use of request linguistic realisations by 160 female learners of English as a foreign language. All participants were engaged in an English for Academic Purposes course. Data were collected by means of a pre-test and post-test distributed before and after a training period that lasted one semester. Learners' performance denoted the positive effects of explicit instruction in the use of request strategies, thus coinciding with findings from previous studies (Tateyama et al., 1997). Results from the present study also lead to further research in settings where English is learnt as a foreign language and where learners lack the chances to be exposed to authentic pragmatic input

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