La macroestructura del folleto bancario como instrumento de persuasión


análisis de género
inglés profesional y académico
genre analysis
English for professional and academic purposes

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Alberola Colomar, P. (2004). La macroestructura del folleto bancario como instrumento de persuasión: estudio contrastivo inglés-español. Ibérica, (8), 41–62. Retrieved from


This paper aims to analyse the genre of a sample of bank leaflets in order to find a prototypical macrostructure for this genre. Furthermore, we study the existence of a relationship between the generic structure of the bank leaflets and the advertising strategy named AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action); in this way, we try to demonstrate that AIDA is the focal point of the structure of this genre, and the macrostructure is a persuasion tool. In this paper we analyse 120 bank leaflets obtained from Spanish banks and banks located in The British Isles. The corpus selected covers three topics: savings, insurance and loans.We also carry out a contrastive analysis (bank leaflets written in English and Spanish) to check the influence of the globalisation of the European financial market regarding the writing of bank leaflets. Bank leaflets are not the only documents included in the advertising campaigns of the financial entities; consequently, in the present paper we compare the genre analysis developed on bank leaflets with genre studies carried out on other advertising instruments, particularly, advertisements and promotional letters

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