La traducción de metáforas en un texto de divulgación médica


informative medical text
conceptual domain

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This paper studies metaphor in informative medical texts for non-specialists and, more precisely, the problem of the translation of metaphor from a source language (SL) (German in this case) into a target language (TL) (English and Spanish). Metaphor is the asso ci a tion of two or more ideas throu gh their co m m o n ch a ra cteri s ti cs or similari ties wh i ch re sult in a new linguistic expre s s i o n . Metaphor is very common in info rm a tive medical text s , t h ou gh at first sight it might seem it is not. The study of a brief text and its translation will show which devices are put into play by the translator to convey the semantic and pragmatic meanings of the source text (ST) in the target text (TT) and which mechanisms and alternatives can be us ed in the t ranslation of metaphors. Our conclusion wil l ref l e ct on how three different languages share the same co n ceptual sys tem and hence the same conceptual metaphors in relation to the subject "health" and how it is possible to transfer these concepts from one language to another.

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