Information and argument patterns in the Introduction sections of sociology research papers


Academic writing; Argument structure; Argument structure analysis; Argumentation; Academic argument

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Cheng, W.-N., & Khoo, C. S. G. . (2022). Information and argument patterns in the Introduction sections of sociology research papers. Ibérica, (44), 127–154.


This study analysed the information-argument structure of the Introduction sections of sociology research papers, to identify differences across three types of sociology research: Investigative research, Development and Evaluation research, and Descriptive research. The information-argument analysis framework bears some resemblance to rhetorical structure frameworks following Swales’ CARS model, but focuses on the argumentative aspect of text and how information is used to support argument claims. The coding scheme specifies information types, subdivided into those that imply an argument claim and those that play the role of argument support. Seventy papers were sampled from ten sociology journals for analysis. Sequential association rule mining was used to identify sequential information-argument patterns. The study identified significant differences in information-argument profile across the three types of research papers, as well as differences in sequential patterns. Methodology contributions of the paper include the coding scheme for information-argument types in research papers, and the method of analysing sequential patterns.

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