Detecting ideological stance in an economics lecture


ideological stance
multimodal critical discourse analysis
clases universitarias
posición ideológica
Análisis Crítico del Discurso Multimodal
inglés para fines específicos

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Camiciottoli, B. C. (2020). Detecting ideological stance in an economics lecture: A multi-faceted approach . Ibérica, (40), 35–58.


The discipline of economics encompasses both theoretical concepts and empirical methods for the study of human behaviours, as well as competing schools of thought and ideologies that students need to engage with and reflect upon. The university economics lecturer has an important role in helping students accomplish this goal. However, as an individual, the lecturer also holds personal ideological positions that may emerge and elude L2 listeners. The aim of this paper is to propose a systematic and comprehensive procedure for detecting ideological stance in a university economics lecture. Using a case study approach, I apply Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis to identify ideological stance and show how semiotic resources beyond verbal language contribute to its expression. This process was facilitated by the use of multimodal annotation software to analyse verbal expressions of ideological stance (e.g., evaluative language, rhetorical elements) and co-occurring non-verbal cues (e.g., prosodic features, gaze direction, gesturing). The method was able to shed light on how the lecturer’s contemporaneous use of multiple semiotic modes worked synergistically in the expression of ideological meanings in relation to a controversial issue (i.e., access to healthcare in the United States) in subtle but distinctive ways that were linked to the lecturer’s background and to the broader socio-political issues of the research context. The method could be leveraged to inform eSp settings to assist L2 learners in acquiring a better understanding of lecturers’ stance towards content, thus resulting in a more complete, effective, and satisfying lecture experience

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