The different ways to write publishable research articles


writing for publication
linguistic variation
writing profiles
cluster analysis
automated language processing
escritura académica
variación lingüística
perfiles de escritura
análisis cluster
procesamiento automático del lenguaje

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Zhang, W., & Ling Cheung, Y. (2020). The different ways to write publishable research articles: An exploration using automated language processing tools . Ibérica, (40), 171–194. Retrieved from


The exploration of linguistic profiles of research articles (rAs) has been underrepresented in the existing literature. This study utilizes two automated language processing tools and a cluster analysis approach to explore linguistic features and variation of published research articles (N=360) in two hard science disciplines (i.e., Biology and Medicine). Findings show five different profiles characterized by their use of distinct combinations of linguistic features. The identified profiles not only vary between the two disciplines, but also within each discipline. The distinct profiles within each discipline represent the potentially different ways for researchers to write publishable research articles. The study fills the research gap and contributes to a new understanding of linguistic features and variation of rAs

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