Business plan: A preliminary approach to an unknown genre

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Navarro, F. (2022). Business plan: A preliminary approach to an unknown genre. Ibérica, (30), 129–153. Retrieved from


The business plan has been widely included in the curricula of economics
degrees and is key to business practice worldwide, but has not been studied from
a socio-discursive perspective yet due to restrictions in its social, spatial, and
temporal circulation. Based on interviews and a qualitative analysis of a corpus
of 38 texts written in Spanish, I aim to provide a preliminary description of the
genre. Results indicate that a chain of four phases is associated to a continuum
of social settings organized through entrepreneurial/corporate and
expert/training variables; its rhetorical structure includes “describing
present/potential situation of the company and market” and “describing future
processes of strategic actions regarding the marketing, production, and financial
plans”. This analysis offers methodological innovations to account for occluded
genres, encourages the contrastive study of the business plan in different cultural
and linguistic environments, and assists business teachers with a situated picture
of the genre.


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