Chinese EAP teachers’ graduate-level English academic


graduate writing support
teaching academic writing to graduate students
transition from general English to EAP
EAP teachers’ education and professional development
apoyo en la escritura en posgrado
enseñanza de escritura académica para estudiantes de posgrado
transición del inglés general al inglés para fines académicos
educación y desarrollo profesional de los profesores de inglés para fines académicos

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Li, Y., & Ma, X. (2020). Chinese EAP teachers’ graduate-level English academic : writing instruction and their professional development. Ibérica, (39), 141–164.


In China, it has been widely recognized that graduate students urgently need to develop capabilities in engaging in academic communication at the international level, above all through writing and publishing their research in English. This educational need has stimulated the growth of EAP and the teaching of English academic writing (EAW) to graduate students across disciplines at Chinese universities. In this paper we report an interview-based study which focused on understanding Chinese emerging EAP teachers’ graduate-level EAW instruction and their endeavors of professional development (PD). Our study adds to the limited existing literature on EAP practitioners’ contextualized teaching practices and their professional development, and generates insights that can be drawn upon by EAP professionals in other contexts

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